The proposed University Politehnica from Bucharest (UPB) objectives fall under the objectives of the operation 2.2.1., their intention being to create a center for research on control, safety and food security.

Moreover, the global concerns constantly intensify as producers and intermediates, in pursuit of maximizing their profit, are often in violation with food safety and security laws.

Also, UPB aims to become a coagulant factor within the main research institutes and principal producers interested in this field.

The project proposal submitted by UPB defines the following objectives:

 Research capacity increase by developing the research department (RD) infrastructure in quality control and food safety; laying the foundation of a platform for scientific research, evaluation and control to assure an increase on safety and food security. Within this objectives, UPB is to achieve a laboratory of regional and national quality control, food safety and security that can serve both Romanian companies with interest in this field, and also national and international organizations that require this type of expertise.

The center also takes care of the R&D activities to study the influence of different processing routes on food/finished products. Among the analyzed factors, it will be taken into account the influence of natural or accidental variables: temperatures, time, natural or artificial light, influence of microwaves etc.

Within this overall objective, as it is considered fitting to European standards, a high performance infrastructure on the R&D department in UPB will be achieved, goal that could not have been reached from its own resources, so that it can solve problems arising at national and even European/international level.

The development of analytical methods for the determination of analytes of interest (toxic compounds) and the composition and conformity of food etc. The methods that will be developed (partly on the duration of the project and any time there is interest or requirement) can be be transferred to specialized institutions within the Veterinary Health Directorate, Public Health Departments, specialized laboratories, suppliers and equipment manufacturers interested in these methods or any laboratory interested.

Achieving this goal requires the involvement of dedicated specialists who can be readily identified from the bachelor, master, doctoral or post-doctoral students, teachers and research staff from UPB;

Achieving specific and nonspecific tests for different types of solid, semisolid or liquid food or related volatile compounds (chemical speciation of biologically active compounds that are clearly different (Toxicity) rapid screening of compounds of interest (food additives) identifying safety measures in exploiting operations (in fast-food or restaurant: cooking oil, keeping different varieties of food where they are supposed to, provenance etc.), GMO analysis and so on;

The development of highly qualified human resources for the labor market will be achieved, graduate courses will take place in the center newly created; the center will ensure continuous qualification for employees in the field, and staff of government or non-governmental agencies.

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