About the centre - Description

Globally, food, safety and security concerns are constantly being violated to maximize the profits of producers or intermediaries.

For this reason, the University Politehnica of Bucharest (UPB) aims to create a research centre in the field of food control, safety and security, the proposed objectives being in line with the objectives of operation 2.2.1.

UPB also wants to become a coagulant factor of the main institutes and the main producers interested in this field.

National Center for Scientific Research for Food Safety

Increasing research capacity by developing an RD infrastructure in the field of quality control and food safety, laying the foundations for a scientific research platform, evaluation and control. Within this objective, UPB wants to create a laboratory of regional and national interest for quality control, food safety and security that can serve both Romanian companies, but also national and international organizations that need expertise in this field.

The centre will also focus on RDI activities to study the influence of various processing routes on food / finished products. Among the analyzed factors, the influence of natural or accidental factors will be taken into account: temperature variations for imposed time intervals, natural or artificial light, the influence of microwaves, etc.

Within this general objective, the endowment of the UPB's RDI infrastructure to European standards is considered, an investment that could not be made from own resources, to solve the problems that appear at the national or even European / international level.

The development of highly qualified human resources for the labour market through postgraduate courses that will take place in the newly created centre. The centre will ensure the continuous qualification of the employees of the profile companies and the personnel from the governmental or non-governmental structures.

The centre was established as a result of the successful completion of the project Creation of National Scientific Research for Food Safety funded by the Sectoral Operational Program "Increasing Economic Competitiveness" "Investing in your future" with a total project value of 51,160,771.85 Ron.