National Center for Scientific Research for Food Safety

Through the quality control, safety and food security laboratories, we can assist both Romanian companies, but also national and international organizations that need expertise in this field.

About the centre

Globally, concerns in the field are constantly intensifying because, to maximize the profits of producers or intermediaries, food safety and security are increasingly violated.

University Politehnica of Bucharest (UPB), through the National Center for Scientific Research for Food Safety, wants to become a coagulant factor of the main institutes and the main producers interested in this field.

Centre’s description

The objectives proposed by UPB are part of the objectives of operation 2.2.1, which is intended to create a research centre in the field of food control, safety and security. 

Increasing the quality and efficiency of UPB's R&D activity in the field of food safety and security.

Sectoral Operational Program "Increasing Economic Competitiveness" "Investing in your future"

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