Centre’s personnel

Research personnel

Professor Ecaterina ANDRONESCU

Prof.Dr.Ing. Alina Ioana BĂDĂNOIU

Prof.Dr.Ing. Adelina Carmen IANCULESCU

Prof.Dr.Ing. Cristina Daniela GHIŢULICĂ

S.L.Dr.Ing. Ionela Andreea NEACŞU

Prof.Dr.Ing. Ştefania Paula STOLERIU

Prof.Dr.Ing. Adrian VOLCEANOV

Prof.Dr.Ing. Sorin Ion JINGA 

Prof.Dr.Ing. Georgeta VOICU

CSI.Dr.Ing.Fiz. Eugeniu VASILE

Conf.Dr.Ing. Alina Mihaela MELINESCU

Prof.habil.Dr.Ing. Anton FICAI

Prof.Dr.Ing. Ovidiu DUMITRESCU


CSIII.Dr.Ing. Bogdan Ştefan VASILE

Conf.Dr.Ing. Alexandru Mihai GRUMEZESCU

S.L.Dr.Ing. Alexandru Mihai EFTIMIE

S.L.Dr.Ing. Andreia ILIE

S.L.Dr.Ing. Vladimir Lucian ENE

CS.Dr.Biochim. Otilia Ruxandra VASILE

S.L.Dr.Ing. Vasile Adrian SURDU

S.L.Dr.Ing. Adrian Ionuţ NICOARĂ

Conf.Dr.Ing. Denisa FICAI

Ing. Mihaela BÎRSAN

Prof.Dr.Ing. Ovidiu OPREA

Biochim. Oana Roxana DRĂGHICI

Administrative personnel


Acquisition Manager

Raluca Andreea HODREA


Claudia Elena GOJGOREA

Financial Manager

Project indicators

Performance indicators

  1. Sampling and sample preparation laboratory
  2. Microscopy laboratory
  3. Spectroscopy and spectrometry laboratory
  4. Advanced separation laboratory
  5. Diffraction and fluorescence laboratory
  6. Complex thermal analysis laboratory
  7. Colloid characterization laboratory
  8. Biological assessment laboratory
  1. Ion milling device
  2. Atomic force microscope AFM
  3. Dual-beam Scanning Electron Microscope for biological samples Cryo-SEM
  4. High-Resolution Scanning electron Microscope HR-SEM
  5. Small and wide-angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS & WAXS)
  6. Flow cytometer
  7. Complex analysis apparatus - ATD-DSC-TG-FTIR-MS
  8. X-ray fluorescence equipment/ spectrometer XRF
  9. Fourier-transform infrared spectrometer FTIR
  10. RAMAN microscope
  11. Ultramicrotome
  12. Gas chromatography coupled to isotope ratio mass spectrometer (GC-IRMS)
  13. Ultrahigh precision liquid chromatograph coupled with hybrid mass spectrometer
  14. Laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer LA-ICP-MS
  15. Gas chromatography coupled to mass Spectrometer GC-MS
  16. Stirling motor unit
  17. Freeze drier
  18. Transmission Electron Microscope for biological samples Cryo-TEM

Results indicators