Diffraction and fluorescence laboratory

Ultra Small Angle X-ray Scattering Diffractometer with photon detection

The device is capable of measuring ultra-small, small and wide angle x-ray scattering patterns of a large variety of materials such as polymers, different types of macro-molecules, oxide materials and nanomaterials (powders or thin films). With a large angular range necessary for hierarchical structures, the technique is bridging the gap between imaging and atomic resolution (below 1 µm and above 10 Å). The ultimate performance, versatility and large range of sample environments of the equipment make it a unique solution to support many applications such as: polymer phase transformation; determination of polymer crystallinity; low detection limit of crystallinity; protein structure resolution; silk fiber nanostructure investigation; investigation of gold nanoparticles etc.


X-ray fluorescence equipment/ spectrometer XRF

The Thermo Scientific ARL PERFORM’X X-Ray fluorescence (XRF) sequential spectrometer presents an advanced platform for rapid and precise analysis of up to 90 elements in nearly any solid or liquid sample. The advantages of this analytic technique are: easy and fast sample preparation; analysis of the whole surface of a sample, a segment of it or specific spots on the surface; speed of analysis; high stability and excellent precision; wide dynamic range (from ppm levels to 100%).

 The ARL PERFORM’X spectrometer will solve composition problems in demanding industrial processes and quality applications in industries as diverse as food, cement, glass, refractories mining, polymers, petroleum and metallurgy. Academic or research labs dealing with food safety, materials science, environmental research, forensics, geochemistry and automotive engineering may benefit from its performance and versatility.

Freeze drier

The EPSILON 2-90 is a single-chamber system in which the freezing-depressurizing-sublimating processes occur for very high quantities of substance in order to eliminate the solvent within the material without affecting its solid structure. The chamber holds 14 shelves with a total surface of 11.3 m2, with a 33 mm distance between two consecutive shelves, fact that assures a vertical thermal homogeneity. The ice condenser can withstand to 90 kg of ice, its performance being 75 kg / 24 h.

 Due to its simple construction, it can be easily used in areas such as the food industry (dehydration of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, plants, spices, etc.), the pharmaceutical industry (removal of solvents from pharmaceuticals) or for preserving materials (archeological objects, drying books, etc.).